Tuesday, August 17, 2010

USC Sponsored Dental IV Sedation Classes

The Staples Dental team wants to show you our latest training in the dental sedation industry. Here's photos from the past two weekends!

The USC Dental School Continuing Education Clinical Intravenous Sedation program is THE best in the nation led by the highly regarded Dr. Stanley F. Malamed. He is a dentist anesthesiologist, professor of anesthesia and medicine, author, and a sought after national lecturer. He has written several books that are referred to as the standard of care in Dental IV Sedation and dental Emergency Management. I feel so fortunate to have been taught and certified by the most respected authority in this field.

I have to brag on my two awesome dental assistants, Jan and Dianna. These two have a career in assisting that together adds up to around 50 years. They made me so proud during the USC Dental IV Sedation clinic series by their display of professionalism, expert knowledge and not being intimidated by the instructors. Some of them met their match when they came up against my staff! These ladies knew their stuff and were not afraid to demonstrate their skills. With their help, I was able to complete all of our clinical cases and requirements early. Thanks Jan and Dianna for a job well done!

We are grateful to the nice patients from the Los Angeles area that showed up everyday to the USC Dental School to be sedated and get their dental work done.
Dr. Stanley F. Malamed's wonderful staff with Dr. Larry Staples and assistants Jan and Dianna from Staples Dental.
A big shout out to our office manager, Deann, for holding down the fort while we were away several times attending the USC sponsored IV Sedation program. You always show such kindness to all of our patients and keep our schedule humming along. Thanks to you, our patients are happy and coming back. I think you know everybody in town!
After long hours in the USC Dental School doing IV Sedation certification, even the doctor and assistants need a break from being "down in the mouth" all day long! Jan, Dr. Staples and Dianna enjoy the Farmer's Market at The Grove in the Los Angeles area. Isn't it nice to have strong healthy teeth to bite into a crisp candied apple? Call now at 702-991-0404 or drop in to Staples Dental to find out how you can have the pleasure of eating things like this again!


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